Discovery Session for a Peaceful Path on Your Healing Journey

Offering Support and Guidance When You are Confronted with a Serious Health Challenge


Are you dealing with a health condition and feeling frightened?

Do you feel anxious about deciding among treatment options?

Are you looking for a compassionate companion on your healing journey?

Individual Sessions Can Include:

  • Kundalini yoga exercises designed to decrease anxiety and produce calmness.
  • Meditations to help you stay focused in the present and give you with the experience of being in control.
  • Support for your recovery and wellness through my assistance with the medical literature to help you with questions to ask your doctor about treatment options or natural/integrative approaches.

Contact me for free 30 minute consultation where we can discuss your needs and how I can address them.

Contact Me

I have recently been through my own healing journey with Graves’ Disease. I know how frightening and confusing it can be when diagnosed with a serious illness. I am a certified Kundalini yoga teacher with more than 20 years experience in teaching yoga and have specialty training in trauma and anxiety. I am also a medical researcher with extensive training in searching the medical literature.  I know how much the yoga helped me deal with all the feelings that came up as I was going through the healing process. Being able talk to my doctors about treatment options based in information I was finding in the medical literature was also extremely valuable. If you are a facing similar situation I would like to help you.
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